Formed in the southern musical hub of Malmö, doom-poppers Miller Moon may seem like newcomers on the Swedish music scene. The four members, though, are far from it. Having kicked around in various bands throughout the past two decades, including Sing Sing & The Crime and The Love Kings, the men that make up Miller Moon have spent the better part of three years refining a sound that seems eerily familiar yet refreshingly relevant in today’s musical landscape.

Singer Stefan Berg and his lyrical wit, moodiness, and Ian McCulloch-like tone help set the mood throughout the band’s soon-to-be-released debut album, Another Side of Love. As energetic as Velvet Underground, infectious as Stone Roses, and sprinkled with heavy undertones, Another Side Of Love is looking to prove the dark horse of 2012 album releases.

“[It is] the music of our aching heads, bleeding hearts and bittersweet experiences,” Berg explains of the album.

Rounded out by David Carlson (guitars), Leif Johansson (bass) and Robert Fekete (Organs/Keyboards), Miller Moon shows the dynamics and fearlessness of a band whose members are unapologetically passionate. “There sure is chemistry going on in the band,” explains Berg, who also does double duty on drums. “Something emotional happens when we play together. And there is a trust between us. We feel safe. We are able to bring up even very bad ideas. We take risks together. It has always been like that. It’s like sex. And we keep falling in love over and over again.”

Produced by Tore Johansson (The Cardigans, Franz Ferdinand, Bob Hund, etc.), Another Side Of Love is an homage to some of music’s finest decades. The acoustically driven, slow-build, and Madchester snootiness of “Ordinary Girl”, Hammond heavy, Doors-inspired grooves in “Happy” and “In My Car”, and the frenetic urgency of “Child” and “Astray” show the dynamics of a band that is uncomfortable with the current state of music.

Are you ready for the rise of the Miller Moon?

Christian Patrick